Webinar recording: Diversity & Inclusion: How to mitigate the invisible business risk

A lack of diversity in the workforce presents significant operational and reputational risks that often remain unnoticed until it’s too late. So how do you build a company culture that embraces diversity, and has inclusion and equality at its heart? 

There are five key stages to the employee life cycle where businesses – regardless of their sector – face particular challenges when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion. Organisations need to understand these challenges in order to reduce this risk and future-proof themselves.

In this on-demand webinar, guest host Joanna Abeyie, the multi-award-winning social impact entrepreneur and champion of diversity, inclusion and equality, is joined by Eukleia’s Client Account Director, Olivia Weilbach, for a conversation around:

  • Understanding the key business risks related to diversity.
  • Getting practical suggestions on how to reduce this risk and build a diverse workforce.
  • Hearing first-hand advice from Joanna and Olivia so that you can future-proof your organisation.

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