How to use games effectively in compliance training

Online games might be more readily associated with pure entertainment, but they have a powerful role to play in education and compliance training.

The competitive aspect of games, for instance, can make compliance training more engaging, and provide an immersive eLearning tool to inspire lasting behaviour change.

In Eukleia’s podcast on the power of online games, Director of Strategy and Operations Kate Lander chats to David Arnold, a game designer at Eukleia’s partner company, Preloaded.

David is part of the team behind Zero Threat, the award-winning cyber-security training game. He makes the case for when might be the right time to create a game as part of a learning programme, as well as a wide variety of other opportunities online games offer organizations, including how to easily track learner progress.

To listen to the podcast, click the play button below or listen here.

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