Generic courses

We offer a wide range of generic elearning courses designed to cover the core compliance training needs of staff. These can be branded and tailored to meet your requirements. For individual learners or small businesses, some courses are also available to purchase on the Eukleia Online portal. Please refer to specific courses for further details.

Featured courses

Health and Safety

We are all responsible for helping to maintain a safe working environment. This course looks into key risks in the workplace and what can be done to minimise them.

Data Protection

As a firm, we are committed to protecting personal data. This course explains the challenges posed by data protection regulations and explores the part you have to play in ensuring our compliance with these regulations.

Tax Evasion

As a firm, you must comply with tax laws in every country in which you operate. This course explains how to meet the obligation to avoid conducting business with anyone associated with evading taxes.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

The international community is committed to countering bribery and corruption and punishing those who engage in it. This has resulted in new laws and increased expectations on organisations. This course explains how firms aim to tackle bribery and corruption using their systems and controls.

Tackling Modern Slavery in Businesses – General UK version

Tackling Modern Slavery in Businesses

This course explains what modern slavery is and the industries it most commonly affects. It describes signs of potential labour exploitation and explains what employees should do if they believe someone may be being exploited.

You can request a trial of our courses from the list below. Please select course below for full details including course overview, learning objectives and technical specifications.

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