Bespoke elearning can be highly cost effective for firms of as few as 500 staff and has clear benefits in relevance and alignment to a firm’s culture and approach.

A fully bespoke elearning course will typically take around twelve weeks, from the creation of the storyboard, mood board, and mock-ups, through to pilot, alpha, beta and gold stages, to ensure we deliver a high-quality product which meets your expectations.

We combine learning consultant expertise, instructional design and innovative digital design techniques to produce highly interactive and engaging elearning solutions which can be also be produced in other languages. Eukleia has a mature development process as well as certified project management skills that ensure the best possible educational and commercial outcomes. Our work is quality assured and we are ISO 9001 accredited.

Learning consultant expertise

Our learning consultants have industry backgrounds which enable us to provide highly practical training to meet the required learning outcomes and drive the correct behaviours. The team cover most Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) topics, from operational risk and ethics through to the detail of specific rules and regulations. Our areas of expertise also cover topics of global sensitivity, including sanctions, combatting terrorist financing, modern slavery and anti-money laundering.

We are able to offer a complete end-to-end service to author content on these topics which is aligned with our clients' own policies and procedures, from which is produced highly interactive, engaging content to suit the technical infrastructure that our clients may require. In addition, we can also work with our clients' own experts to produce courses on other topics.

Instructional design

Eukleia employs the Kolb model of instructional design that recognises that adults acquire knowledge in different ways through the perception and processing of information. To best serve the needs of a diverse range of adult learners, with differing roles and levels of experience, the learning content needs to address these different modes.

In all of our courses, we try to achieve this by answering four basic questions. This approach not only provides the content in a way that coincides with the different learning modes, but also provides a clear rationale for the training before demonstrating its applicability in a practical and pragmatic way that learners can directly relate to.

Why is this important for me and my company?

What is this topic about?

How do I put this into practice in my day-to-day role?

What if I don’t comply?

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Digital design and multimedia

  • Art Direction

    Eukleia's team of talented designers ensures the quality of both art direction and functionality of each course. The client is involved from the beginning of each project, deciding on the preferred visual experience through the generation of moodboards.

    Content is researched for the mock-up stage, developing page layouts, imagery and typography, as well as user experience design (UX Design), bringing together infographics, photography and interactive elements.

    Navigation, links, and instructions all focus on usability, combined with a consistent design that complies with your brand guidelines.

  • Video production

    Eukleia has a state-of-the art green screen studio for use in video production. We are experienced in producing a variety of video based formats, including documentary style programmes, case study scenarios, knowledge bite podcasts and classroom recordings.

    We have the capability to manage the full production programme, from scripting and casting, through to shooting and post production to meet your requirements.

  • Photography

    Eukleia has the in-house digital photographic equipment and expertise to conduct photo shoots for a variety of applications, both on-site and at external locations.

    We can tailor our photography to scenario-based elearning in order to achieve a more personal and engaging experience for the learner.

    In addition, our photographic capabilities can also be extended to support our video production and art direction requirements.


Eukleia can also assist with the production of our training programmes into different languages. To date, we have produced courses in over thirty languages. Whether you require a straight translation or localisation, our translation partners can assist with script translation and elearning rebuild, script translation only or elearning rebuild only.

Our bespoke courses are regularly translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish, however we also have experience with character sets such as Arabic, Japanese and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

We have also recently developed our own in-house software which enables us to speed up the translation rebuild process and at a lower cost to our clients. Our translated courses are also subject to the same QA process as our English courses to ensure that all interactions are working correctly and functionality testing is passed before the final package is delivered.

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