Event: Super Compliance and Impactful Analytics

Driving efficiency in compliance training. Delivering measurable results.

Eukleia is hosting an event in London on 28th November called ‘Super Compliance and Impactful Analytics’, an informative session followed by a relaxed drinks reception.

It’s a great opportunity to meet and network with peers from banking and other high-consequence industries. We are pleased to announce guest speakers Peter Dobinson from Watershed, Richard Pedley from Fidelity and Patrick Thomas from LEO will be giving short talks on the theme of the night.

Why this topic? We’re often hearing that compliance teams are frustrated with a legacy learning culture. The volume of training, plus inefficient training design and delivery, is creating issues with learner fatigue, and organisations are therefore experiencing greater risk. Not only that, but data needed to make informed decisions on the future of training is scarcely available and, as a result, organisations are producing more of the same without visibility of performance outcomes.

Combining courses into ‘Super Compliance’ courses, driven by analytics, could be the key. By striving towards less seat time by smartly designed courses, driven and informed by learner analytics, transformation can be seen for learner behaviours, the customers and the business. Our guest speakers will be joining us to discuss this and more!

Join us for what is set to be a fascinating evening.

Where: The Hospital Club, 24 Endell St, London, WC2H 9HQ.
When: Thursday 28th November 3:30pm-7:30pm.

To express your interest in attending this exclusive event, please complete the form below.

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