Webinar: SMCR Training Trends: What’s Working? What’s New?

Webinar date: Thursday July 4th, 4pm-5pm BST / 10am-11am CT

The SMCR has applied to the banking sector since 2016. In December this year, it will complete its rollout and replace its predecessor, the Approved Persons regime, entirely.

The SMCR requires all staff at all levels to be trained. There are challenges here, both for firms that are new to the regime and for firms planning their annual training programmes. Now is a good opportunity to reflect on what’s working in relation to SMCR training and what’s new.  

In this webinar, Liz Hornby, Principal Consultant at Eukleia, and Patrick Thomas, Consulting Lead at LEO Learning, answered questions on the training challenges presented by the SMCR and gave practical advice on how to successfully manage those challenges.

This webinar is now in the past. You can access the recording below, and access the slides here.

Watch the webinar to gain expert tips on how to:

  • Ensure you have a holistic approach to ‘conduct’ messaging
  • Adapt your training to meet the changing regulatory landscape
  • Increase learner engagement
  • Measure the effectiveness of your training

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