8 features of Eukleia’s learning management system

The right learning management system (LMS) can make managing your organisation’s governance, risk and compliance (GRC) elearning a much smoother experience for you and your learners. Find out more about Eukleia’s LMS in this blog.

We’ve designed our LMS with the needs of businesses in highly-regulated industries in mind. It’s a one-stop centralised learning platform containing all the management information and documented evidence you need to become audit- and inspection-ready – and stay that way.

Alongside this, we’ve packed it with a range of features that make it easy to host, deliver and manage your compliance elearning.

Review the features of your LMS

Eukleia LMS feature #1: Intuitive and easy-to-use

Overly-complicated and difficult to navigate LMSs can make it difficult for your learners to get to your courses. The Eukleia LMS has been designed with ease of use in mind. It features simple, intuitive navigation which delivers a seamless user experience for learners.

Eukleia LMS feature #2: Easily customisable

We understand the importance of adding a consistent style that reflects your organisation’s unique branding. That’s why the Eukleia LMS can be configured to add your company’s colours and logo. This helps ensure that when learners enter the LMS, the environment feels familiar and welcoming.

Eukleia LMS feature #3: Detailed reporting functions

For businesses in the financial sector, having access to detailed information on learner activity is vital for demonstrating compliance.

A screenshot of the Eukleia LMS

In the Eukleia LMS you can easily generate reports to see who has (and hasn’t) completed or started your training, as well as the score they achieved on any assessments. This provides you with a detailed view of your learners’ training records.

A screenshot of the Eukleia LMS

Eukleia LMS feature #4: Cloud-based

A cloud-based LMS allows for ease of access for you and your learners. It also reduces implementation time and ongoing maintenance costs.

Eukleia’s cloud-based LMS means our clients benefit from robust and secure, always-on learning that supports your business growth with an ultra-reliable infrastructure.

Eukleia LMS feature #5: System checker

Technical issues can be a major barrier to learning completion. The system checker feature in our LMS enables you to troubleshoot any technical problems and ensure the learner environment is perfect for each individual user.

The system checker is a key feature of the Eukleia LMS

Eukleia LMS feature #6: Email alerts and reminders

Sending enrolment emails or course completion reminders to learners can be a tedious task for many busy course administrators.

The Eukleia LMS allows you to automate that process. Your administrators can easily send out automated emails regarding enrolment, overdue training as well as other important learning activities. This feature can be disabled if you prefer to send internal emails yourself.

Eukleia LMS feature #7: Client administration

We’ll provide full training for administrators to ensure they can manage course deployments as independently as possible. We also have a dedicated support team to help you with any technical concerns.

Eukleia LMS feature #8: Easy course status visibility

We understand that today’s learners might only be able to learn in short snatches of time alongside their normal job activities. So if a learner can only complete part of a course, our LMS will keep track of their progress with a visual dashboard that shows courses they’ve started, completed and are still working on.

Eukleia's LMS has a range of features

A cost-effective solution for your compliance training needs

Based on Moodle 3.5 and offering full support for SCORM 1.2 file packages, the Eukleia LMS is chosen by businesses who want a cost-effective solution for hosting Eukleia generic or bespoke elearning courses.

For a demo of the Eukleia LMS or to trial any of our compliance elearning courses for free, contact us.

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