Strengthen your first line of defence with our new compliance elearning courses

Eukleia will soon be relaunching a range of our compliance elearning courses. We spoke to the Learning Consultant behind the redesigns, Jaiman Patel, to find out more about what clients can expect from the new courses.

Eukleia's new compliance elearning courses look great on mobile devices

What range of topics are included in the new compliance elearning courses?

We have redesigned courses in three core areas: financial crime, operational risk and market conduct.

The financial crime topic covers the following modules: anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, sanctions, fraud awareness and tax evasion. We’ve also packaged all of these topics into a single course: financial crime essentials.

Within the operational risk topic refresh we’ve covered key risk areas such as data protection, information security, as well as health and safety, equality and business continuity.

We’ve also redesigned two market conduct courses, which focus on the essentials of fighting market conduct and commodity market abuse.

Why did Eukleia decide to redesign these courses?

As a business, we’re constantly assessing how our products and services can best meet the needs of our clients, and their learners.

In today’s regulatory landscape, employees across a wide range of industries are completing training to ensure that their behaviour embodies the values of their places of work. Training is a vital tool for encouraging appropriate behaviour and actions.

Relaunching our courses means that we can deliver the highest quality learning experience. This gives learners more engaging and interactive material that they can access on a broad range of devices.

A screen from Eukleia's new compliance elearning course on market conduct

How do the redesigned elearning courses deliver engaging, effective learning?

We’ve designed each course to include the following features:

  • Average duration of 20 minutes

This keeps the learning concise and focused on key learning points to maintain learner engagement and understanding.

  • A broad range of interactivity

We use case studies, scenario-based questions and knowledge checks to keep the learning active and give it real-world applicability.

  • Intuitive navigation

We’ve designed all the courses with a consistent user interface and navigation, making life easier for learners accessing a range of courses from our generic catalogue.

  • Easy to access on any device

With responsive design as standard, each course can be viewed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This creates a more convenient way to consume learning for busy workers.

  • Custom branding

We know it’s important that a course resonates with learners, so enabling clients to add their own branding, colour schemes and images is an important part of this effort.

A screen from Eukleia's new compliance elearning course on anti-bribery and corruption

What are the key technical features of the courses?

The courses were created using a HTML5 framework and deliver:

  • Extensive browser compatibility – including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
  • SCORM conformance and xAPI reporting – to deliver data on course completion and effectiveness
  • Configurable question banks – so assessments can be easily customised to suit specific requirements

Delivering learning in multiple languages is often a necessity for global organisations. Can the courses be translated?

Yes – the courses have been developed in a way that makes them simple to translate. We can conduct a full translation service in-house or clients can supply their own translations in XLIFF files for us to implement.

We can also localise content where there are legislative differences in different jurisdictions that must be accounted for.

A screen from Eukleia's new compliance elearning course on market conduct

What role does training play in an overall compliance risk management strategy?

This is something my colleague, Liz Hornby, spoke about recently on the blog.

The importance of training frontline staff effectively has increased in recent years. And that’s because the financial services sector has recognised that many GRC issues can be most effectively identified and mitigated by staff undertaking day-to-day roles in the business.

Ensuring staff can take on this critical role involves:

  • Making them feel responsible and accountable
  • Educating them on risk areas in their roles and how to spot ‘red flags’
  • When and how to escalate concerns.

These key areas can be effectively targeted with compliance elearning. We’ve redesigned our courses to embed the critical knowledge and behavioural change needed to help strengthen our clients’ first line of defence: their people.

But as Liz said, training is just one component of a wider strategy. Firms need to develop strategies that drive behavioural change at an organisation-wide level, using policies and procedures to embed a compliant culture at every level of the business.

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