Using online games to change learner behaviour

All work and no play makes John a dull boy, they say. But what if John was increasing his knowledge and job-related skills while he played? Turns out, that theory actually works – using online games as a format for learning is possible. It’s what our sister company Preloaded does every day. This BAFTA-winning applied-games studio creates games that empower, educate and transform behaviour.

We’re all familiar with the stereotype of the teenager addicted to his electronic games. The mention of games, in fact, can conjure up thoughts of an uncommunicative adolescent on a couch in his parent’s basement, wasting his days away with a joystick in his hand.

However, there’s plenty of research to show how out-of-date these stereotypes are.

A photo showing how online games can play a role in compliance training

Games can be very serious

Games, the company says, have purpose. Preloaded has harnessed the power and attraction of electronic games to benefit companies and their employees by using them to teach and train while making the learning look like fun.

Compliance training is often complex and technical but Preloaded is able to take detailed and elaborate subject requirements – from geometry, climate change, cyber-security and financial literacy to neuroscience – and create beautiful online games that balance fun with substance.

Harnessing the power of play to change behaviour

David Arnold, a game designer for Preloaded, generates game concepts, creates prototypes for new ideas and fine-tunes gameplay on company projects. Before joining Preloaded, David worked on board games for Hasbro – specifically family brands such as Monopoly and Cluedo – where he saw first-hand the power of games in delivering unparalleled engagement. And not just to teenage boys, but across a diverse demographic.

“Being able to harness this power in such a meaningful way is what drew me to this industry”, says David. “I consider myself very fortunate to be able to combine my creative and technical skills with the ability to inspire and educate others.”

A photo showing how online games can play a role in compliance training

To find out more, Eukleia’s Director of Strategy and Operations, Kate Lander, sat down with David to talk about Zero Threat (above), the award-winning cyber-security awareness game on which Eukleia and Preloaded collaborated. Listen in on our conversation to discover expert views on:

  • What makes games so powerful?
  • How can play be educational?
  • Where to start when creating a game for a client
  • How cybersecurity awareness training can be taught in a game (as opposed to traditional elearning)
  • How competition can make learning more engaging
  • The easy way for an organisation to track the learner’s progress

There’s lots more to learn in this relaxed, informative podcast.

You can hear the conversation with David, and learn more about the part electronic games like Zero Threat are playing in corporate training, by joining us here.

Please contact us to discuss how games could help your organization or request a trial of Zero Threat.

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