GDPR: “The biggest change to data protection law for a generation”

One of the most common requests that Eukleia is currently receiving is for courses on data protection. Even though the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will not be law for another year, meeting its demanding requirements, which affect systems, procedures, customer documentation and website navigation, is a major challenge. In order to be compliant, firms must equip all their learners with the knowledge of what they need to do – and what they must avoid!

young professionals considering the impact of GDPR on data protection compliance

As with all legislation, an effective training course should avoid repetition of law and regulation but must focus on what the learner needs to know for their job.  So, what are the principal training requirements?

For the majority of learners, an effective data protection course will include:

  • The aims, overview and scope of the GDPR (including the fact that Brexit is unlikely to affect its being implemented)
  • The role of the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • The firm’s governance arrangements (including the Data Protection Officer and breach reporting arrangements)
  • The requirements in relation to:
    • Collecting personal data – including transparency and consent issues
    • Processing personal data – including dealing with errors, rights of access requests, data portability and breaches handling
    • Transferring and disposing of personal data – including cross-border restrictions
  • Where to get help and advice

Eukleia’s Data Protection elearning, which highlights the reputational, operational and financial risks associated with data protection and shows employees the types of action they need to take to help counter these risks, is currently being updated to reflect GDPR and will be ready for Q3 2017. Since its launch last year, the course has proved popular with firms, who have reported that the bold and innovative design has been invaluable in raising and sustaining learner interest in this essential topic.

Please contact us to discuss further, or request a trial of this course.

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