Exciting new addition to Eukleia’s financial crime suite

Keeping employees up to speed in relation to the prevention of money laundering and compliance with sanctions can be a challenge, especially as many learners are already familiar with the topic. How can a firm prevent them simply clicking through this year’s course to get it out of the way?

Eukleia’s new Fighting Financial Crime in Practice course has been developed with this challenge in mind.

As you would expect, the course starts by highlighting the nature and extent of financial crime, with a focus on money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions breaches. It provides an overview of each of these topics and explains how UK legislation and regulation and firms’ internal systems and controls help combat these activities.

Attendees at a Data protection training course

The second part of the course features an extended case study which places the learner in fictitious, yet realistic situations, where they must make a decision on how to proceed. For example, they are required to risk assess a client, identify the issues that might arise when the client expands their business and consider whether elements of the client’s behaviour are potentially suspicious.

The course offers the learner flexibility to work through the material at their own pace. At each decision point in the case study, they can opt to complete the scenario straight away, or ask for a briefing first. Provided they make the correct decision, they can choose to access the full learning content for the section before moving on, or go directly to the next scenario. If they make the wrong choice however, they must access the full learning content to consolidate their understanding before they move on.

This means that learners who can demonstrate the required knowledge can complete the course rapidly, while others who need more support follow a more directed path. This allows firms to satisfy themselves and the regulator that learners are not skipping necessary content.

The innovative structure is complemented by the course’s striking design, which incorporates engaging graphics and animated elements. We have also reprised the moving Next arrow, which has proved popular with learners who have taken our Data Protection course.

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