Eukleia weighs in on compliance issues and regulatory change

There’s a lot of regulatory change and uncertainty underway in North America, and Eukleia’s New York office has been active in discussing the new environment and how it might impact firms.

Subject Matter Expert Scott McCleskey has delivered two webinars in cooperation with MetricStream, discussing best practice for Compliance and Ethics structures and processes and best practice in creating, analyzing and reporting Compliance and Ethics metrics. Over a thousand professionals registered for these events (watch the recording of the webinar on metrics). Webinars planned for the coming weeks include one on the status and impact of the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule and another on Third Party relationships.

Scott was interviewed by Thomson Reuters regarding Trump Administration plans to cut back regulation. He agrees that regulatory reform is long overdue in some areas, but questions whether judging success merely by the number of eliminated rules would be effective – and that it might make things worse by targeting rules that are easy to retire rather than those most deserving of elimination.

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