Tequila Mockingbird Sink The Rest To Claim Quiz Glory

Tequila Mockingbird scored 139 to finish just three points ahead of Expert Witness (RBS), with May Contain Nuts (Giles Insurance) finishing third scoring 134. The Wooden Spoon was won by The Brave Ones (Barclays) with a measly total of 100 points.

This year’s quiz was entitled ‘Gameshow Mania’ and quizmasters Michael Sacks and Trevor Norwood, as ever, entertained the crowd with their testing trivia, flashy jackets and “razor sharp” wit.

Participants particularly enjoyed the music round, in which they had to identify popular tunes played on a variety of obscure instruments, and also the opportunity to try out a wide array of food, including Marmite Chocolate, in the Bushtucker Trial as part of the ‘I’m a Compliance Officer, Get Me Out of Here’ round.

£500 was donated to Tequila Mockingbird’s chosen charity, Brain Tumour UK (charity registration No. 1117538), which provides research and support for those affected by brain tumours. Lloyds have matched Eukleia’s donation, meaning that a total of £1000 will go to this worthy cause.

“Just a quick note from Team Tequila Mockingbird to thank you all for a fantastic night, it would honestly have been brilliant for me even if we hadn’t won! Michael and Trevor worked their socks off (but unfortunately not their gaudy jackets!!!) to entertain and give us the most unique quiz night I have attended!” – Tequila Mockingbird

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