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Zero Threat: Cybersecurity



Do you leave your front door open when you’re out?

Do you leave your car keys in the ignition?

Do you post information on the internet that could be used to steal your identity?

A surprising number of people might answer yes to the last question if they really thought about their online activity.

Cybercrime has been rapidly increasing over the past few years. You’ve probably read about some of the most high profile attacks in the newspapers:

  • The WannaCry ransomware that infected over 300,000 computers. The highest-victim was the NHS, with hospitals forced to turn away patients and cancel appointments
  • The theft of 21 million people’s data from the US government
  • The hack that stole £2.5 million from Tesco Bank customers

Cybersecurity isn’t just a problem for IT departments. Hackers increasingly try to circumvent defences by directly targeting employees, using techniques like phishing and social engineering.

Staff engagement in cybersecurity is therefore more essential than ever.

Zero Threat, our new cybersecurity training game, targets employee complacency and goes beyond raising awareness to change learner behaviour.

Using modern learning techniques, the game facilitates ‘learning by doing’, creating practice loops where learners can develop good habits.

Topics covered include phishing and vishing, password hygiene, mobile devices, the Internet of Things and social media.

The game emotionally engages learners by showing, rather than describing, the consequences of getting cybersecurity wrong. It takes a ‘pull’ rather than a ‘push’ approach to training, inviting learners to replay and try to improve their score.

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