Video Production

Eukleia Training has experience producing a variety of video based formats, including documentary style programmes, case study scenarios, knowledge bite podcasts and straightforward classroom recordings.

We have expertise in the full production life cycle from scripting and casting through to shooting and post-production.

The production of video content is an important part of Eukleia’s offering. With bandwidth improvements training teams are increasingly embracing video as an effective and engaging element within their governance risk and compliance training programs. Under the leadership of Eukleia’s Head of Design Jasminka Letzas, Eukleia’s Multimedia team have worked on a large number of projects. These include documentary style programs which take an in-depth look at legal, regulatory and ethical topics. As an example we have utilised a newscast approach to tackle reputational risk management issues. This was shot in a green-screen studio and subsequently transferred into a 3D environment for online delivery.

Eukleia also uses its creativity and industry knowledge to develop and film sophisticated case studies for inclusion in workshops covering topics such as business ethics and effective supervision. This includes the full production cycle from scripting and casting through to shooting and post-production. We can also produce straightforward recordings of classroom training sessions for subsequent deployment on Learning Management Systems or develop compliance related podcasts for delivery on smartphones and other devices, e.g. Compliance knowledge bites designed to update Senior Managers ahead of a regulatory inspection.

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Generic Video Showreel

The following scenes are drawn from a course developed by Eukleia for a leading investment bank. Eukleia scripted, filmed and produced these sketches for a workshop aimed at developing the skills of the client’s Supervisors to identify and respond to “Red Flags.”

The scenes in this showreel have been edited to protect proprietary information of our client.

Here are three extracts covering their Trading, Banking and Distribution business areas.

Client quote:

Global Coordinator Compliance Training & Communications at a Global Financial Services Group:

“We chose video for our Supervision Training as it allowed us to show the complexity of the issues facing a supervisor in the field, in a way that a written case study never could. The training has engaged audiences around the world with its fast paced, interactive and realistic approach.”

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