Case Study


Personal Conduct Training - High Profile Sporting Organisation


The client’s aim was to deliver key messages to all of their employees regarding their personal conduct inside and outside the company.

Our brief:

  • The course should not be afraid of the “grey” areas.  It should address real life dilemmas that may not have a “right” answer but would provoke thought and debate.
  • The course should deliver consistent messages across a very wide range of employee roles.
  • The course should be attractive and pacey and in keeping with the company’s sporting and competitive profile.


  • The tone was set at the start with a short introductory film clip presented by the head of the company.
  • A tailored, scenario-based approach was adopted. 
  • We stranded the course by asking the learner to select their role at the start.  The scenarios were tailored and realistic with consistent messages delivered across the strands. 
  • Asking the learner to type in their name, enabled emails and text messages used in the scenarios to be personalised.
  • The course was highly branded reflecting the company’s colours, style, personality and sporting heritage.
  • Whilst responding to the dilemmas posed in the course was not time limited, the pace was maintained by introducing a “quick fire” round of corporate knowledge and related general knowledge questions between the scenarios against the clock.  An element of competition was added by including a leader board displaying the fastest times.
  • Related news stories were included in the feedback on the scenarios to link the topics to “real life” situations where poor personal conduct decisions had led to reputational damage for both companies and individuals.  


A stylish course that met the brief.

We worked closely with the client to ensure that the scenarios were realistic and the messages in line with their ethos and approach.

 “Looks really good, the look and feel are spot on”

“Great feedback from the HR Team.”

“Looks great and works really well.”