Case Study


Market Abuse Training - Oil Major


The implementation of the European Market Abuse Directive along with other US cases involving the manipulation of power, propane and crude oil created a need for raising awareness of the legal, regulatory and ethical boundaries in market conduct. While the application of market abuse regulations to the securities markets was well understood, their application to commodity markets was less well tested. Our client wished to create a new training programme for its trading staff to better understand and explore these topics. 


Eukleia was retained to work closely with the firm's compliance team and internal and external legal counsel to devise a four hour workshop. The scenario based course focused on those areas of uncertainty identified by the business. Slide decks, case studies, quizzes and decision making flow charts were all devised to make the sessions highly interactive and relevant.

After a successful pilot the course was delivered over 30 times and variants were developed to accommodate different product groups and job functions. The course was also filmed by Eukleia to create a DVD that acts as a resource for new joiners.


The client was delighted by the response to the course and Eukleia has been retained for other training initiatives.