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What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Most companies that want to deploy online compliance training will need to have a Learning Management System (LMS). As the name suggests, an LMS provides the basis for the management of the learning across the organisation. It provides three core functions:

  • It provides a centralised hosting platform where online courses are stored.
  • It provides a repository of training records, permitting access to the training content for each user via a secure individual login.
  • It manages user access to individual training content, and provides tracking and reporting on individual completions including any graded assessment (multiple choice test) that is required.

Through these elements, the LMS can provide the means to manage the deployment of training to a learner population, the tracking of completions, and a record keeping function to provide management information and a documented reference to evidence if required for audit.  

SCORM and content interoperability

The majority of LMS platforms are compliant with the SCORM standard. SCORM is an international standard that ensures the interoperability of elearning content and the LMS platform. Just as with the Microsoft Windows operating system, where any Windows software will run on a PC using that operating system, SCORM compliant elearning content will run on any SCORM LMS.

The use of this standard ensures that tracking and test information from the course content is correctly passed to the LMS for record keeping purposes.

Eukleia Training is a content specialist, with a focus on developing and delivering the highest quality training content. We build our elearning content to the SCORM 1.2 standard or alternatively we can also build to the SCORM 2004 standard for any client that requires this. In this way, we ensure that the content will be compatible with any SCORM conformant LMS that the client wishes to use. As part of our service we fully test and integrate the content onto the LMS, working with the LMS supplier if required.

Eukleia LMS

Eukleia can provide a version of the widely used Moodle LMS which has been adapted for compliance training management. Eukleia’s Moodle LMS has been designed and developed to make the delivery, management and tracking of online learning across your organisation both simple and affordable. This solution is ideal for a small or medium business with a need for a basic platform from which to deliver and administer training.

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