Stronger Together - Tackling Modern Slavery (Supervisors)

Course Outline


The UK Home Office estimates that there may be up to 13,000 people held in slavery in the UK. The course will provide you, as a supervisor, with the awareness and tools necessary to help identify and tackle this hidden exploitation of workers in your business.

The course sets the learning points in the context of increasing efforts to address labour exploitation, in particular the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The training focuses on the crime of 'forced or compulsory labour' as defined in this Act, and was produced in conjunction with the multi-stakeholder anti-slavery initiative Stronger Together.


The course explains:

  • What modern slavery is
  • The industries it most commonly affects
  • How learners can spot the signs of hidden labour exploitation
  • What learners can do personally to protect vulnerable individuals from exploitation

It gives clear guidance on what learners can do to help by describing signs to look out for and explaining what supervisors should - and should not - do if they believe someone may be being exploited. The message of practical guidance is supported by video and animation to emphasise the importance of helping to stop labour exploitation.

Further Information


SCORM 1.2 compliant. The course uses Adobe Flash and Trivantis Lectora.


This course runs on any SCORM compliant LMS platform. Adobe Flash Player 8 plug-in (or later) must be installed in the web browser. JavaScript must also be enabled and all pop-up blockers disabled.


The pricing model for the online recruiter and supervisor Tackling Modern Slavery modules is geared to individual businesses who are purchasing a set number of licences to be used within their own organisations for their own staff. There is an annual "cost per licence"; per individual who undertakes the training and includes the following volume discounts:

Number of licences 1-99 100-199 200-499 500+
Licence Fee 20.00 GBP 17.50 GBP 15.00 GBP 12.50 GBP

For those businesses that have their own Learning Management System (LMS) this is the only cost. For those that do not have an LMS there is an additional cost of 250 GBP (for up to 200 users) or 500 GBP (for 200 - 1000 users) to set the supplier up on a host LMS and each user needs a licence which costs 10 GBP per user for a year. For further information please complete a trial request or contact

Course Overview

The Tackling Modern Slavery course is designed to help supervisors address labour exploitation.

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Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course, the learner will:

  • Understand what modern slavery is, and in particular what is involved in labour exploitation
  • Know what they can do to help
  • Know how to recognise the signs that someone may be being exploited, and how to respond


There are two versions of the course. This version is aimed at first line supervisors working for employers in any risk sector. The other version is aimed at front line recruiters who work in employment businesses, labour providers and any employers in sectors that are targeted by exploiters forcing others to work.

Course duration:

The course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.


The course does not contain a formal assessment, but there are interactive exercises throughout to check and reinforce learners' knowledge.