Individual Accountability Regime - Infographic

Course Outline

The infographic focuses on the following key messages:

  1. Overview of the Individual Accountability Regime
  2. How the Conduct Rules fit in to the regime
  3. How the Conduct Rules support and complement other Conduct training messages

Further Information

The infographic can be tailored to fit a firm’s own terminology and arrangements. It can be played in communal areas within the firm, hosted on an LMS or sent to learners as a link. An A4 desk-drop can also be added to consolidate the messages.

Eukleia has also produced an elearning course on Individual Accountability Regime. Click here for further details

Course Overview

This three-minute video infographic provides a practical guide to the Conduct Rules and is suitable for all employees of Relevant Firms.

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Learning outcomes:

The info-graphic can be tailored to individual client needs and material can be easily added or deleted.

  • Understand the aim and architecture of the Individual Accountability Regime
  • Understand the content of the Conduct Rules and how they apply to their role
  • Understand the breach reporting requirements
  • Understand the consequences of breaching the Conduct Rules


The course is suitable for all staff of Relevant Firms at all levels.

Course duration:



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