Insurance Conduct of Business

Course Outline

The first seection of the course provides a high level overview of key themes in insurance regulation. The remainder explores insurance regulation in action with the Taylor family when they buy different types of insurance and make a claim.

The course contains four sections:

Treating Customers Fairly

Why firms must treat their customers fairly and act ethically and justly.

Risk Based Approach

The regulation of insurance is explored relative to the type of customer, sales channel, product and whether advice is provided.

The Rules at Work

The application of the rules at work are explored when the Taylor family buy different types of insurance and make a claim.

The case studies cover areas such as the sales process, sales channel, disclosure documentation, cancellation rights and claims.

Course Test

The course concludes with a multiple choice test, with questions randomised from a larger bank.

Further Information


SCORM 1.2 compliant. The course uses Adobe Flash.


This course runs on any SCORM compliant LMS platform. Adobe Flash Player v6 (or later) must be installed. JavaScript must be enabled and all pop-up blockers disabled.

Course Overview

This course contains an overview of insurance conduct of business regulations. 

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Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course, the learner will:

  • understand the regulatory, commercial and ethical importance of treating custoners fairly when they are buying insurance and making claims
  • know what information must be disclosed to customers when they are purchasing insurance
  • know the different responsibilities that apply during an advised or non-advised sale
  • know the regulations surrounding claim handling


This course is suitable for all staff involved in insurance, including sales, claims and administration. It requires no previous regulatory knowledge or experience.

Course duration:

Approximately 30 minutes.


The course includes a randomised question bank which can be tailored on request.