CCA Primer

Course Outline


The course starts with a short introduction to the Consumer Credit Act and the changeover to FCA. regulation.

The course is then split into four modules:

Being Regulated

The powers and approach of the FCA

Key Concepts

  • The FCA Handbook and Principles
  • Treating Clients Fairly and how it applies in the consumer credit context
  • Preventing financial crime, including how to identify unusual or suspicious behaviour

The New Rules

The requirements of CONC in relation to:

  • Information for customers
  • Financial promotions
  • Responsible lending

Specialist Areas (optional module)

  • High-Cost, Short-Term credit
  • Debt advice
  • Prudential rules and CASS

Further Information


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This course runs on any SCORM compliant LMS platform. JavaScript must also be enabled and all pop-up blockers disabled. Requires IE7 or above.

Course Overview

This awareness course discusses the regulation of consumer credit activities and the steps firms need to take to meet the Financial Conduct Authority's expectations in relation to consumer protection.

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Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course the learner will:

  • Have an overview of how the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates and supervises consumer credit firms
  • Be familiar with the FCA Handbook and key concepts like Treating Customers Fairly
  • Be aware of the key risks in relation to the protection of credit consumers, including communications and responsible lending, and the behaviours required to mitigate these
  • There is an optional additional chapter on debt advice and high-cost, short term credit.


The course is suitable for all staff within consumer credit firms.

Course duration:

Approximately 25 minutes.


The course includes a series of exercises and scenarios to test understanding and reinforce learning points and an end of course assessment.