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Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule Training: The Impartial Conduct Standards (Fixed Annuities)


In spite of delays to its implementation, the US Department of Labor’s Conflict of Interest Rule (commonly known as the DOL Fiduciary Rule) looms over a large part of the financial industry. Impacted firms need to consider how they will communicate the new expectations to their employees, and Eukleia is stepping up to offer e-learning courses to provide learners with the information they need to know before the Rule comes into effect.

The first of these courses is the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule: The Impartial Conduct Standards (Fixed Annuities), which is available to buy now. This engaging course starts by discussing the meaning of being a fiduciary and how it is applied in the Fiduciary Rule. It then describes the Impartial Conduct Standards set forth in the Fiduciary Rule and identifies the three main elements: Acting in the Customer’s Best Interest, Avoiding Misleading Statements, and Charging Reasonable Compensation.

The principal sections of the course go into greater detail with regard to the three elements and how they apply to the provision of investment advice with respect to retirement accounts as described by the Department of Labor. The course also provides example scenarios of how fiduciary responsibility applies in the provision of financial advice, as well as real-world scenarios which demonstrate the consequences of violating fiduciary responsibility.

The course is designed to engage the learner both by its bright, modern feel and the use of varied, interactive exercises and scenarios to illustrate the key learning points and test understanding. Examples of this can be seen in some of the course images below.

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