Case Study


Induction training for DWP Pensions Client Directorate


PCD is the section of the DWP that is responsible for setting policy on both private and state pensions. Within a rapidly changing environment of an aging population and rising expectations for what a pension should provide, PCD faces many challenges. To quote from the PCD Business Plan;

"The role of the PCD is to support Ministers to deliver their policy objectives of combating poverty, and promoting security, savings and independence for today's and tomorrow's retired people."

As part of the business plan, PCD recruited new staff including brand new external hires, and transfers from other parts of the DWP to meet these challenges. PCD has its own dedicated HR business partner (HRBP) team, who have produced a learning and development strategy designed to address identified skills gaps, which includes a programme of induction training for these new hires. Having identified the induction training as a key requirement for the learning and development strategy, PCD identified Eukleia as a potential supplier for the training.


While Eukleia are not specialists in the field of pensions and pension policy, Trevor Norwood has many years experience in providing financial training around economic issues. Eukleia were selected for their ability to help structure a programme including the delivery of technical and factual training.

Eukleia worked with Jan Jones from the Strategy and Pensions team at PCD to structure a programme for the induction course to address the key skills gaps and to target desired performance improvements.


Eukleia has supported the delivery of the course which is facilitated by Jan over four iterations at quarterly intervals, and the course continued to run as PCD added new staff. Phil Wynn Owen, the Director General of Strategy and Pensions was a central figure in commissioning the original course, and continued to stay involved as one of the key speakers on each of the sessions run to date.
Eukleia was subsequently commissioned to deliver training on economics for pensions.